1. You're encouraged to read over our rules in the discord which all apply here on truckersMP as you represent all of us. 

2. If you join please keep all content and language to an acceptable level for everyone. There are not only younger drivers but also younger viewers as well. We would like to make sure during livestreams everyone can enjoy the content. This goes for friendly convoys offline. 

3. You're also encouraged to drive on TruckersMP and keep it within the speed limits. If you want to truck in single player with mods, you can do so. C2C, Canadream, Viva Mexico, etc all are supported. We don't care. Just remember to drive to have fun. Nothing else. 


"I've joined so what's next" 

a. You'll need to download the two C++ disrtubutable files. These are artistic libraries needed to make all this cool stuff work. You will have to watch your firewalls. 

b. You'll need to download the logit.exe file. Run that and your set. There is no client or secondary program which makes it much lighter to run for slower PC's. 


1.. Be respectful to other drivers and give drivers within the company the benefit of the doubt when a situation occurs. It's a game on a multiplayer format, with not so great of a server to drive on. Things happen. Get over it. 

2. If you have a complaint about another driver within the company please send a direct message to any Human Resource Rep. This goes for moderators or staff in the discord. 

3. Follow TruckersMP rules. No Bumping and purposeful contact between other trucks. If your caught doing it on purpose, there's one chance to keep it in between the lines. If the rules are not adhered too, then you will be released from the company.

7. Don't Pretend to be someone you're not. 

8. Have fun....Nothing else. 


If you are using a no damage then your load will not be counted  towards the company and its finances Please do not use a no damage mod 

1 Month, 1 Week




Jobs logged

2,427,794 km

Distance driven

565,959 t

Cargo moved

835,725 L

Fuel used